Back with a new format : episode 29

After an almost two month hiatus prompted partly by a crashing unsaved Audacity session and a lost hard disk, we get back to podcasting with a new format.  This format we hope will add some biology back into our mix while we retain most of our usual geekery .

Beginning with episode 29 we will have three sections: The first section we have titled Science, here we will talk about published and reported scientific developments.  In the second section called Community spotlight, we will talk about interesting discussions on the Friendfeed life-scientists room  and  other Life-science blogs. Finally we have our section on things programming and the usual geeky “stuff”.

So Accordingly…we start episode 29 with some excuses that may explain our absence , then go on to introducing the new format . In the Science section we talk about how far the Mamalian Gene Consortium got and then chat about the aftermath of gene mapping companies like deCode, that finally closed their doors. As our community spotlight , we chose the interesting discussion about the many science based social networking sites that seem to have gone all quiet. Finally , we talk about the launch of chempedia and how the stack exchange ( or stackoverflow) model may be a needed twist to improve scientific  communication.

Keith Robinson writes at the Omics Omics Blog about “his most expensive paper” ever

What after deCode : Keith Robinson at the Omics Omics blog

Prompted by Cameron Neylon the Friendfeed life scientists room weighs in on some of the social networking sites they use

Rich Apodaca on  bringing the stack exchange engine to Chemists and Chemistry .

Chempedia is awesome: Check it out!

Links of the week:

Hari : DNA origami and Cadnano :

Deepak: A new Java web framework

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