Episode 30: There and back again

Welcome to the first episode of 2010, and hopefully back to being somewhat regular. In this episode we talk about what we’ve been up to and some exciting career changes. We talk about trends in next-generation sequencing, about the latest research on Thalidomide and about geeks and labels. We talk about new sites to ask questions about science, and about blog carnivals, and we talk about those those cool geo-data APIs and mashups.

Show notes

  • Sequencing in 2010
  • The anti-geek manifesto
  • Homing in on Thalidomide
  • Lots of Stackexchange bio-related sites
  • Blog carnivals are back. Our interest, Iddo Friedberg and the Bioinformatics Blog Carniva. Hari in particular latched on to this quote by Maria Hodges“The advice given to pre-tenure scholars was consistent across all fields: focus on publishing in the right venues and avoid spending too much time on public engagement, committee work, writing op-ed pieces, developing websites, blogging, and other non-traditional forms of electronic dissemination (including online course activities)”
  • Deepak is jealous of geo
  • Links of the week

    Deepak: Instapaper
    Hari: Tutvid.com

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