Episode 31: Genes, patents and open science

We start of with our new unilateral intro and a discussion of all things new; jobs, podcast mics, conferences and talks.
In our science section we discus the recent storm in a teacup over the BRCA patents from Myriad being overturned by a federal court judge in New York. The YAGS acronym was coined by Jonathan Eisen in response to an article by Carl Zimmer about why new genome sequencing announcements dont make for exciting science. In our community section we discus a blog post from Cameron Neylon about Institutional openness and then talk about the sciencemag spotlight featuring Jean Claude Bradley, Jonathan Eisen and Carl Boettiger.

Apologies for the sometimes funky audio.  The usual pipeline didn’t do it’s trick

Show notes

Links of the week

Deepak: Galaxy Cloud
Hari: The Kojo learning environment

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