Episode 33: Sage, Snakes and Pharma Tweets

This was our first time recording three weeks in a row and we are thrilled to be back on this horse.  Of course, it took another 2+ weeks to publish the podcast (Deepak takes all blame)

The recently concluded Sage Congress seems to have been quite an event. Everyone who attended said it would take them months to grok everything that was talked about. Deepak clues us in on everything Sage and Serene.
Hari gets all excited with the cloning of the Trp-channel possibly behind infra-red vision in Snakes. Drug Safety information is 140 characters or less, sound ridiculous? . Game theory meets open access science among scientists – The prisoners dilemma recast as the scientists dilemma an interesting look at the choices facing pre-tenure academics- we discuss.

Producers Note: Deepak left his monitors on during the recording, which is why you can hear a little bit of lag on Hari’s audio


Links of the Week

Deepak: GenePattern
Hari: CanvasMol

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