Episode 36: The USB slot on the left side

In the first episode of 2011, Deepak and Hari talk about new endeavors by MacMillan, about post-publication peer review, about computational science and good software, and get all giddy about virtual machines and javascript drawing programs.

Show Notes

Link of the week

Deepak: Vagrant
Hari: Pubchem sketcher (paper)

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One thought on “Episode 36: The USB slot on the left side”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the shout-out at the begining of the episode. You’re right about it being difficult to do regularly. I’m aiming for once a month, and I have potental guests for at lest 3-4 episodes. Interestingly, it is not hard to convince people to be guests, more often-than-not people will just offer as soon as they know about it. E03 will be on Transhumanism, with a twist…

    Since we now have an ecosystem of two, it might be an idea to do a meta-science-podcast later in the year. Finally, keep up the good work with c2cbio, I catch a lot of new topics via the podcast.

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